Marmole group

Excellent route both in terms of the variety of terrain covered and the imposing rocky mountains around you. It winds its way through the heart of the wild Marmarole massif, the ‘solitude massif’. The starting point for this walk is centuries old Somadida forest (1148 m) a nature reserve managed by the state forest guard with spruce trees used by the Venetian Most Serene Republic as ship masts. The footpath to Bivacco Musatti (2111 m) turns off the Somadida forest road to the left in the vicinity of the buildings which host a small flora and fauna museum and the Biblioteca nel Bosco library and then climbs steeply up the forested slopes which descend from Meduce de Fòra. Passing the Mescol rocks to the left the route climbs to this classic red corrugated metal building. Here it climbs the Meducce cirque towards its scree slope (often full of snow) and descends from Forcella Schiavina before continuing uphill to the col between Cima Schiavina and Taco del Todèsco (Mt. Croda di Mezzogiorno – 2614 m) before descending once more on grassy ledges on the far side. At the Longa valley the path continues to Bivacco Tiziano on Col di Val Longa (2246 m) at the lower limit of Lastòni delle Marmarole. The route now descends rapidly in the Palùs San Marco direction first on a scree ridge and then steeply in conifer and beech forests.


  • Start : Palùs San Marco – Somadida Forest 1.134
  • Finish : Palùs San Marco – Somadida Forest 1.134
  • Trails : N. 279, 280, 260
  • Distance : 13377 m
  • Positive drop : 1654 m
  • Duration : 10.30h
  • Period : End June – September
  • Difficulty : Hard
  • Water Presence : Present
  • Dog Friendly : No
  • Ferrata equipment : No
  • Maximum altitude : Croda di Mezzogiorno (2614 m)
  • Stop off point : · Bivacco Musatti 2.111 (sleeping only) · Bivacco Tiziano 2.246