Sorapiss Circuit


Sorapiss Circuit

Sorapiss group

Incredible itinerary across all faces of one of the most majestic Dolomite massifs. The imposing bastions of Mt. Sorapiss are the backdrop to one of the most complete, wild and challenging routes in the Dolomites. After a straightforward route to Rifugio Vandelli (1908 m) we briefly climb in the Tre Sorelle direction to the start of the Vandelli ferrata. Highly exposed sections along Cengia del Col del Fò to the pass are followed by a footpath in dwarf mountain pines to Bivacco Comici at 2000 metres under the sheer slopes of Busa del Banco. The route then climbs to Forcella Bassa del Banco (2128 m) and continues on the very long Minazio footpath (often dry later in the season) along the grassy, dwarf mountain fringed ledges of Colli Neri to the upper San Vito valley (approx. 2090 m) facing Torre dei Sabbioni. From here it continues steeply to the right on scree slopes as far as Bivacco Slataper (2600 m) in Fònd de Ruséco. The section after Forcella del Bivacco (2670 m) is Ferrata Berti steeply downhill on the far side. At the lowest point of the pass the route bears right on a highly exposed narrow ledge across the Croda Marcòra terrace to the high altitude Cengia del Banco. It then continues uphill along the western slopes of Fòpa de Matìa across Pònta Nègra before a rocky, scree and loose stony descent to Rifugio Vandelli as its wonderful little lake gets gradually closer.


  • Start : Passo Tre Croci 1.805 Park; Bus
  • Finish : Passo Tre Croci 1.805 Park; Bus
  • Trails : N. 215, 243, 247, 242, 215
  • Distance : _ _ _ m
  • Positive drop : _ _ _ m
  • Duration : 12.30h
  • Period : End June – end September
  • Difficulty : Hard
  • Water Presence : Present
  • Dog Friendly : No
  • Ferrata equipment : Yes
  • Maximum altitude : Forcella del Bivacco (above Bivacco Slataper) 2.670m
  • Stop off point : · Rifugio Vandelli 1.928m · Bivacco Comici 2.000m · Bivacco Slataper 2.600m